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Arise, arise, Riders of Theoden!
Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!
Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!
- Theoden, King of Rohan


Booklist & Must-Haves:
Ignorance by Milan Kundera
The Annotated Legends (Dragonlance)
The Princess Bride
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Friday, October 10, 2003
on the fly

on the fly
music: end of the road by me first and the gimme gimmes

just something i did in class, cause i was so bored:

what is this game we're playing
where is all this verbal banter heading
volleying back and forth
teasing, role-playing, second guessing
the game is set
the pieces move forward
sacrifice, discard, parry, attack
and then we stop
rally back the troops
survey the damage, take a step back
check the scoreboard
who has won?
deuce. a draw
will you not concede, my love?

Boredom releases the worst play of words in me.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003
some things to think about

some things to think about

"It is sometimes a mistake to climb;
it is always a mistake never even to make the attempt.
If you do not climb, you will not fall. This is true.
But is it that bad to fail, that hard to fall?
Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you.
And sometimes when you fall, you fly."
-- The Sandman

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