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Arise, arise, Riders of Theoden!
Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!
Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!
- Theoden, King of Rohan


Booklist & Must-Haves:
Ignorance by Milan Kundera
The Annotated Legends (Dragonlance)
The Princess Bride
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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Thailand restricts online gamers because of Ragnarok addiction... hehehe

What the hell?! Read this! Nix sent it to me. It's a good thing we "value" freedom of choice here in the Philippines because of a past dictatorial trauma. I wont need to go through this shit. =) Restricting online gaming is a violation of human rights... =) And I am NOT an addict. =)

StarDust update: 37/27

Sunday, July 06, 2003

pRO Chaos
StarDust, Poring-loving Swordie update:
Base Level: 34
Job Level: 25
Str: 35
Agi: 12
Vit: 33
Int: 2
Dex: 8
Luk: 2

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